The Fifth Floor (Ogden Click)

Downtown Ogden
Address: 2411 Kiesel Ave STE 502, Ogden, UT 84401

The Fifth Floor in Ogden, Utah is a beautiful studio space available to rent by the hour for photographers and is located on the top floor of the Lotus Building in downtown Ogden. It boasts natural lighting, various backdrops and props, exposed white and red brick walls, and comfortable, stylish seating with rustic touches throughout.

The studio is perfect for all kinds of sessions including seniors and business headshots. It provides ample space for photographers to set up and shoot multiple clients in a single day. The natural lighting is a photographer's dream, providing a soft and flattering light from both the south and east facing windows which is perfect for capturing stunning portraits. The various backdrops and props available make it easy to create a wide range of looks and styles, and the exposed brick walls add a touch of rustic charm that is timeless and classic for any photo.

One of the best features of the Fifth Floor studio is the comfortable seating and stylish décor. Clients will feel right at home in the cozy seating areas, which are perfect for waiting for their turn to be photographed or for reviewing their images after the session. The rustic touches throughout the space give it a warm and inviting feel, making clients feel relaxed and at ease during their photo shoot.

Overall, if you are looking for a beautiful and unique studio space to shoot your clients in the Ogden area, the Fifth Floor is the perfect choice. It is great for posed senior portraits or lifestyle photography as well. With natural lighting, various backdrops and props, and comfortable, stylish seating with rustic touches throughout, it provides everything you need to create stunning and memorable images for your clients.

You can book your spot for only $85 per hour at the link below!

senior girl sitting down with elbows around her knees and wearing blue dress
senior girl in white dress posing with her tassle in her hand in studio
up close of girl with blonde hair and blue eyes next to window
senior girl sitting on bench in front of window
senior boy in studio leaning against window