A little about me...

Hi there! I'm Leah, a nationally published photographer based in Davis County, Utah and mom of three amazing kids. I was born and raised in Louisiana and it was there where I discovered my love for capturing memories. Over the years, I have dedicated myself to the art of photography and have improved my skills through self-study and a passion for creating beautiful images. I specialize in senior, family, and newborn photography and have a unique ability to bring out the individuality and spirit of each my subjects.

In addition to my passion for capturing memories, I also have a love for working with high school seniors. Each year, I run a senior representative team where we create exciting, stylized shoots for seniors who are looking for something different from traditional senior portraits. These shoots are always a blast and the results are stunning and unforgettable. I love watching their confidence grow as throughout their senior year.

But my expertise extends far beyond newborns, seniors and family photography. I am experienced in many other forms of photography, including event, portrait, and branding photography, to name just a few. I take pride in delivering high-quality images that showcase my clients' personalities, businesses, and products in the best light possible.

I am driven by a passion for creating beautiful, timeless images, and I am dedicated to delivering exactly what my clients are looking for. Whether it's capturing a teenager's senior portraits, a family's memories, or showcasing a business's products and services, I bring my heart and soul to each and every project. I can't wait to work with you and bring your vision to life!

How do I book a photo session with you?
You have to ways to book. You can fill out the contact form below or you can click "book me" and choose which session you'd like.
How long does it take to receive the final photos?
Typically, I aim to fully edit and send out your session within two to three weeks after your photoshoot.
Can I order prints or albums through you?
Yes! After I send you the gallery, there will be options to order multiple items such as prints, canvases, and gifts.
Do you allow animals (dogs, cats) to be in your shoots?
Absolutely!! I do suggest bringing treats, leash, and toys to keep them entertained and looking at camera when need be.
What happens if weather affects our photoshoot?
Weather is something that we can't control but all we do is reschedule to another day that works for both of us. There is always the option to rent a studio (for an extra fee) to ensure the photoshoot will not be affected by weather.
What is the best time to book our photoshoot?
I suggest booking 6 weeks to 2 months before your desired date to make sure that day is available.