McKay Dee Hospital. 4401 Harrison Blvd, Ogden, UT 84403

Davis Hospital - Holy Cross. 1584 W 2000 N, Layton, UT 84041

Layton Intermountain Health Hospital. 201 W Layton Pkwy, Layton, UT 84041

Ogden Regional Medical Center. 5475 S 500 E, Ogden, UT 84405

Unveiling the Top Contenders: Davis County's Best-Kept Secrets for Labor & Delivery—Expectant Moms, Don't Miss Out on These Top Picks!

Bringing a new life into the world is undoubtedly one of the most profound experiences a woman can go through. Choosing the right hospital for labor and delivery can significantly impact this journey. To shed light on the best options available, I have compiled insights from local moms who have graciously shared their experiences at Davis Hospital (also known as Holy Cross), Ogden Regional Hospital, McKay Dee Hospital, and Layton Intermountain Health. I polled over 30 moms and have taken notes of why they chose that hospital and if what their experience was like. The information I have gathered is solely based on opinion to give you a better insight when reviewing your options for Labor and Delivery. I have included some of their quotes but have left their names out for privacy purposes.

**Davis Hospital (Holy Cross): Voted top notch for C-Sections**

Many moms who have undergone cesarean sections (c-sections) highly recommend Davis Hospital. Known for its exceptional surgical facilities and expertise, Davis Hospital ensures the safety and comfort of both mother and child during c-section deliveries. The hospital's dedicated team of medical professionals provides compassionate care and support, making it a preferred choice for many expecting mothers requiring surgical intervention. One thing most moms pointed out was they loved the couple’s candlelight dinner the hospital provided the night after birth. One thing they disliked was the small rooms and lack of space. 

 "I have had one at Davis (Holy Cross) and will be having another there! I gave birth there because that’s where my midwife whom I love delivers- but I had an amazing experience! It was actually my second birth- my first was born at Kaiser in California (they’re supposed to be like the king of hospitals and I was left traumatized and with post birth stress disorder I can’t remember what it’s called). My birth at Davis was SO healing, my nurses both in labor/delivery and postpartum were incredible, I felt very cared for and heard."

"I had all 3 of my kids at Davis hospital and it was the hospital my doctors were associated with. All 3 of my experiences were wonderful I was able to send baby to the nursery when I wanted to sleep or just needed a break. All the labor nurses were awesome and same with postpartum nurses. You get to have a candlelight dinner with just you and your spouse and the nursery takes the baby while you enjoy your alone time."

**Ogden Regional Hospital: Streamlined Labor and Delivery Experience**

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Ogden Regional Hospital stands out for its streamlined approach to labor and delivery. With a SINGLE room designated for both labor and delivery, mothers appreciate the convenience and continuity of care offered by this setup. Additionally, the availability of tubs at Ogden Regional Hospital contributes to spacious rooms, providing ample space for movement and relaxation during labor—a feature highly valued by local moms. The local moms did advocate that Ogden Regional’s High Risk Labor and Delivery as well as their NICU were top notch compared to the other options.

" Ogden regional is great. Just delivered there last month. Rooms are huge and you don’t have to switch from the labor room to postpartum room like most hospitals, you stay in one room. (They do come clean after birth lol) nice bath tubs, the nurses and techs were all so amazing. The food wasn’t bad either, and they do a celebration meal after birth. I delivered there mainly based off insurance & my dr but I’m so glad I did!"

"Ogden regional is the very best! Great L&D staff as well as the best NICU in case anything comes up with your little one."

**McKay Dee Hospital: A Trusted Name in Maternity Care**

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McKay Dee Hospital has earned a reputation as a trusted name in maternity care. Boasting state-of-the-art facilities and a team of experienced healthcare professionals, McKay Dee Hospital prioritizes the well-being and comfort of mothers and newborns alike. With a comprehensive range of services and personalized care plans, McKay Dee Hospital remains a top choice for expectant mothers seeking exceptional maternity care. McKay Dee unfortunately ranked last among the moms although those that did vote it their top choice ranted and raved over the care they received. 

"I delivered at McKay-Dee and it was an amazing experience. Everyone was so kind and caring and they always put me and the baby first."

"I delivered 3 kids at ogden regional and 2 at McKay and I would forever choose McKay, they are amazing and everyone I met was the best."

**Layton Intermountain Health: Comfort and Convenience**

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Layton Intermountain Health stands out for its focus on providing comfort and convenience to expectant mothers. Offering tubs for labor and delivery, Layton Intermountain Health ensures a relaxing and serene environment for mothers during childbirth. The availability of spacious rooms (one for labor/delivery and one for recovery) equipped with tubs enhances the overall birthing experience, earning praise from local moms for its dedication to being mother and baby supportive. Midwives/doulas said that they do prefer LIHC because of the space. LIHC boasts new equipment and up to date policies as well as midwife program.

"As a doula, I highly recommend the Layton IHC hospital. They are amazing. The staff is very mother baby supportive. Especially of your birth preferences. They are patient and caring. Of all the hospitals in Davis/Weber, it’s been the best. Ive supported clients/births at all of the hospitals in the area."

"I have delivered at Davis Hospital and Layton IHC and while both were good but I will choose to go to Layton IHC next time. The rooms were nicer and larger. I did the Simply Birth program (look into it if you are planning on natural birth) and the food was better. 

The one thing I didn't like at Layton was it seems like the automatic norm was for the nurses to take the baby out of the room for everything. I didn't want that and sent my husband every time. The nurses were wonderful but I did feel like they had this slight hesitation like I wasn't doing what most people were. Davis Hospital wasn't like that."

The Verdict

Local moms reveal their inside scoops about Labor and Delivery Hospitals in the area. Davis Hospital emerges as a top recommendation for c-section deliveries, thanks to its specialized care and expertise in surgical procedures. Ogden Regional Hospital and Layton Intermountain Health stand out for their spacious rooms equipped with tubs, providing mothers with ample space and comfort during labor and delivery. McKay Dee Hospital earns accolades for its trusted name in maternity care, reflecting a commitment to excellence in providing comprehensive services to expectant mothers. 

The most recommended hospital (through a poll of over 30 locals moms) was Layton Intermountain Health Clinic, however, Davis Hospital and Ogden Regional both came in with a very close second place. 

In conclusion, choosing the right hospital for labor and delivery is a deeply personal decision influenced by various factors such as your own medical needs, preferences, and past experiences. By considering these insights and personal stories shared by local moms who have firsthand experience with these hospitals, you can start to make informed choices that align with your individual needs and preferences as an expectant mother, ensuring a positive and memorable birthing experience. Congratulations on your pregnancy and I wish you all the best in your journey towards motherhood!