Dark and Twisted

A winter photoshoot is always a magical experience, but what if you could make it even more unique? Add a dark angel and a rare bird as a prop! That's exactly what happened during our latest winter photoshoot at Snowbasin ski resort, located in the stunning mountains of northern Utah. We chose the beautiful Maples Trail as the backdrop for our photoshoot.

The dark angel, more formally known as Isabella, was dressed in a flowing black gown and black angel wings rented from Utah Gowns based in Draper, Utah. Isabella was a sight to behold against the pure white winter snow. She stood gracefully and elegantly, her angel wings spread wide, as if ready to take flight into the winter sky. And then we added Jasper, the hornbill, in and perched him atop Isabela's arm.

The hornbill, which is a species of bird native to Africa and Asia, is not commonly seen in the United States. Scales and Tails, a rental company located in Kearns, Utah, provided the hornbill for our photoshoot. They have a collection of exotic birds that can be rented for photoshoots, events, and educational purposes. The hornbill was a fantastic addition to our photoshoot, and it was fascinating to learn about its unique features and habits from the experts at Scales and Tails. Our handler, Joey, even let my little ones hold and interact with Jasper after we were finished shooting.

The stunning beauty of the winter landscape, combined with the twist of dark angel model and the majestic presence of the hornbill, made for an unforgettable experience. I am so grateful to Scales and Tails for providing me with the opportunity to create these stunning images and for their dedication to the care and protection of exotic birds.

This stylized session was definitely one for the books!

Model with black makeup, dress, and wings amongst the snow with hornbill
black angel with dress and dark gothic makeup with bird in winter
up close picture of dark angel with black eye makeup and black hornbill